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Feb 02

Crescent Oaks Improvement Project

Posted on February 2, 2021 at 2:50 PM by Emily Davis

Mustang Special Utility District’s Board of Directors approved a $1 million project in an effort to drastically improve waterflow for the residents of Crescent Oaks, a neighborhood in Oak Point.

The project includes the installation of 8,400-feet of 8-inch water line along Martingale Trail and Lakeshore Boulevard. The main will feature additional valves and fire hydrants. The additional valves will allow water operators the ability to shutoff water flow in isolated areas when maintenance is required—something that was previously not possible and resulted in wide-spread water outages. 

“This upgrade to the water system will prove to be a great improvement,” said Oak Point City Manager Stephen Ashley. “Due to the increased number of water valves being added, fewer customers will be without water when repairs do have to be made. Further, the addition of fire hydrants will increase fire-fighting capabilities in Crescent Oaks Subdivision.”

This is the second major improvement project Mustang has tackled for the Crescent Oaks area since acquiring its water system in 2015.

The original system in Crescent Oaks was poorly designed and constructed using lower quality materials. It was also poorly maintained for decades which doesn’t help matters. We’re excited to get this project started and see this significant upgrade put into place. It demonstrates our commitment to provide superior water service to our customers,” Mustang SUD General Manager Chris Boyd said.

Installation will run concurrently with a repaving project backed by the city of Oak Point. The project includes the repaving of Martingale and Lakeshore, ditch grading and a 700-square-yard cul-de-sac.

"I’d like to thank customers for their patience and understanding
 while we work through this project and expect that there may be some planned and unplanned outages during the final phases of construction," Boyd said. 

Fortunately, construction is expected to be complete by Spring 2021, but as expected, we are experiencing service interruptions during the final steps. 

One of our top priorities is minimizing the timeframe that customers are without water, but due to the poorly designed system, service interruptions are not entirely avoidable. 

For information regarding planned and unplanned outages, please keep an eye on our website, or be alerted to updates by subscribing to push-notifications here.